Big Ass Solutions

Their provocative moniker originated with the massive overhead fans they perfected to bring comfort and energy savings to similarly sized industrial buildings. Today, though, Big Ass Solutions is much more than industrial—and much more than Big Ass Fans. Big Ass means quality, form and function to solve problems in the built environment. So what the heck does that mean? It’s having a veritable herd of engineers on staff and the world’s only R&D facility (which is LEED® Gold, no less) dedicated to testing air movement on a grand scale. It’s speaking to their customers directly to understand and solve their problems. But mostly it’s an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test until they get it just right. And then start over again. It’s applying their Big Ass approach to other problems, and inventing or reinventing solutions. They don’t do things halfway. They go Big Ass. And that’s precisely why there’s No Equal™.

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